1000 Prajna Dhyana Created by Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi

The Uniqueness Of DhyanaMukti

Why DhyanaMukti

Each individual is born in the state of Mukti. Every individual is born utterly innocent, completely pure -Tabula Rasa (Crystal clear board), and entirely empty. However, that state of born enlightened is bound to be lost because of psychological conditioning imposed on every child. Then the child grows unconscious. So, the purpose of life is to gain the lost Mukti through consciousness. The enlightened man has earned his awareness and Mukti again. It is the only difference between the ordinary person and the enlightened one. Hence, DhyanaMukti helps you to regain and reclaim your lost potential. You need not have any skill or talent. Just being alive is enough, and nobody can stop you from attaining Mukti again. The master will delete your animal collective unconscious and add human awareness.

Rediscovering yourself through DhyanaMukti

Wake up from your deep unconscious sleep, and you are also a Buddha, and you are enlightened. Once you woke up, it is not that you will be a totally different person in appearance or activity. You are the same person but with an inner light. Buddha said Appo Deepo Bhava- You are the light unto yourself.

Now whatsoever you think or speak or do will have some meaning. You experience ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, benediction, joy in everything you do. Your misery, sadness, and all mind related diseases will vanish forever, and you will be growing vertically in cosmic intelligence through your continuous meditative awareness.

Master of DhyanaMukti can create a conducive milieu in which a reflective process can be started and triggered in you. It is evident that you have to know who you are, and it is apparent that you have to understand what is your life. For this critical life question, you have to reclaim your consciousness through Dhyana.

Once you got the flame of Dhyana, you will develop yourself, and the journey is eternal. Stop wasting your time in psychoanalysis or any other stuff, and still, you are the same. . No inner transformation  happened to you till now. Try DhyanaMukti with a small effort towards Prajna Dhyana, and you will be reborn again.

Dhyana is not something you have to practice or perform, but it is something to understand. You will attain Mukti or Moksha, which means total freedom from all bondages, all false and all which are impermanent.  Suddenly the gates of immortality open, and you are now Amritasya Putrah-Son of immortality. Only Dhyana can help you.

DhyanaMukti teaches you to unlearn all your knowledge and helps you to de-condition your mind. The master Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi works on you individually, not as a group, because the inner revolution is possible only if the master focuses on one individual at a time. The master will dissolve division in you, duality in your mind.

Simple Eight Steps Of DhyanaMukti

DhyanaMukti helps to release your consciousness from your mental prison. It concerns your inner journey, awakening, reborn, and attains Mukti. You escape from misery and reach ecstasy. You live in a world of benediction. It also improves your health of outer body-mind.

Significant Outcomes of DhyanaMukti

image of Buddha statue
  • Conscious living and dying

  • Physical, Psychological and Spiritual wellness

  • Escaping from the cycle of birth and death

  • Inner silence and Joy every moment no matter the outer situation

  • Natural, artistic, poetic, dancing, loving, friendly, compassionate, grateful and prayerful life

  • Self-contentment

  • No mind, no desire, no past, no future. Simply Living here and now.

  • Always in Ecstasy, Euphoria and Eternity

  • Realizing beatitude, blissfulness and benediction