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Ashtanga yoga classes in Coimbatore points towards only one great wisdom, which is ‘Being Aware.’ The word Being comes from the word ‘Bhu.’ Bhu means that which grows. Yoga classes steps insist on raising awareness until the point of knowing oneself. Now people could explore the best yoga classes in Coimbatore from us. Through this self-awakening from the psychological sleep, one can be aware of each moment of life and can lead to ecstatic living beyond sadness and happiness. Unawareness means living the life of the mind which is being recycled by the society, which is false and phony. Hence, yoga helps us to take a ‘U’ turn from the brain -the circumference to consciousness -our authentic yoga center in Coimbatore. If you are in search of best yoga centres in Coimbatore then we are the best choice.

The eightfold Ashtanga yoga classes in Coimbatore keeps us centered at your original being so that we connect with the cosmos. Hence, DHYANAMUKTI Yoga transforms, transmutes, and transcends us from the decayed and pathological mind to the healthy and alive awareness, which is nothing but cosmic consciousness. Physical posture and asanas which are working on our periphery will not be useful at all, and they don’t change us. Of course, asanas will have some healing benefits for our bodies. However, that is not the ultimate aim of yoga. Reach us for the exclusive yoga classes in Coimbatore Peelamedu.

Need for Attending Our Best Yoga Classes in Coimbatore

Increasing awareness by practicing all eight limbs of yoga will help to elevate our inner energy from Muladhara to Sahasrara. This rising energy will automatically cure all our physical, psychological, and even spiritual illnesses. Allowing our minds to drop themselves is the ultimate goal of real yoga classes in Coimbatore. Asana is one of the elements which prepares us to witness our thoughts through dhyana. No matter how healthy we are physically or psychologically, it will not reveal the truth. Yoga class is totality. We must go beyond our health and illness and live through awareness, not mind. Yoga center in Coimbatore is not only for curing our diseases. Yoga transforms a man into a yogi who lives the life of the truth-the existential, not the material. Yoga classes in Coimbatore give us total clarity, perception, and vision to see things as they are. We are not the same after living the life of yoga classes. Something got deleted, and something got added to us. We have Yoga centre in Coimbatore and we will help to know more about yoga.

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Our Yoga Centre in Coimbatore

The original yogi who is living the path of yoga, dharma, and dhyanaand he is the master for himself. A disciple can learn yoga, and the master can not teach it. However, learning is to become more and more aware, not to become physically or mentally fit. The real yogi is one who becomes the light unto himself. He lives from a different plane of no-mind. So, an ordinary person can not teach yoga, but the master of the truth can facilitate learning by Satsang, Dharsan, and Shakthipat. That’s why we had set up the master lessons of yoga that you can experience from our best yoga class in Coimbatore. However, anyone who is vulnerable, passive, and open to the master through his heart can learn himself. For that, he has to move from the platform of the student to disciple and then to devotee. The student is one who’s interested in gathering knowledge through his mind. The disciple is one who has an open heart to live and not to collect as knowledge can learn easily from our yoga centre in Coimbatore. The devotee is one who has become one with the master. Through yoga, only the disciples and devotees can understand this futile, illusory, Maya, and insane life. Only they can realize the truth. Yoga is the door to enter into the world of reality. Yoga center in Coimbatore changes our life from Maya to the fact. Therefore, it is not spiritual but existential. Thus, the word yoga does not apply to physical asanas. When we live all ashtanga paths called Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Dharana, Prathiyara, Dhyana, and Samadhi yoga lives. The view of our yoga centre in Coimbatore


” Yoga classes in Coimbatore makes you return to your source; It makes you merge with the existence. In the first place, Yoga demands or needs just understood through the heart, not postures or asanas. Our Yoga center in Coimbatore wants you to listen and learn the truth of life. Yoga is from within. It is not outside the body as physical exercises or postures. It asks you to understand first who you are, what is the purpose of this life, and once you understood, then it leads you towards the purpose.”

The Story Behind Yoga

The very purpose of yoga classes is to understand the body-mind complex to transcend it. It is going beyond body-mind and reaching the infinite. Yoga can not be done or practiced in the presence of mind. The very presence of mind is ego, and yoga classes in Coimbatore is for those who are ready to live through their awareness, not mind. Of course, asanas and pranayama will give health benefits to living longer, but that is not the actual goal of yoga. The actual purpose of yoga is to cure all the illnesses of physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies ( Annamaya kosha, Manomaya kosha, and Pranamaya kosha). Then the fourth body Vignanamaya kosha facilitates the transition from the Annamaya kosha to Anandamaya kosha.” Yoga centre in Coimbatore facilitates the man who is within you. It says if you know the man inside you, then you can see the man outside you. Yoga is a way of living to go the deepest inside of your being, the very core of your subjectivity, which is vast. The inner journey through yoga continues without any end because there is no boundary. It helps you to uncover the treasure which is hidden behind your mind. Though you are here and now physically, you have not discovered yourself yet. Yoga assists you in removing layer upon layer of accumulated bags of dust of thoughts, imagination, and dreams, which are the mind. So let’s practice yoga from our excellent yoga centre in Coimbatore from our peaceful and well disciplined classes. Practicing yoga will be very simple if you practice yoga from our best yoga classes in Coimbatore.We provide Yoga for weight loss in Coimbatore, Yoga for back pain in Coimbatore, Yoga for cancer in Coimbatore, Pregnancy Yoga classes in Coimbatore and much more.

Bahirang Yoga

  • Yama

  • Niyama

  • Asana

  • Pranayam

  • Pratihar

Antarang Yoga

  • Dharana

  • Dhyana

  • Samadhi

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