Jaishankar as Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi

  • Attained Enlightenment in the year 2017 in the United States of America  and postpone his salvation to teach the truth to all sentient beings. As he had been in meditative silence for 1000 days, he created 1000 Prajna Dhyanas in the USA, that are exhaustive, and one can choose according to one’s interests and need.
  • He used to ask self-inquiring questions to his parents and maternal grandparents during his childhood, like who is he and what is life, and there has been a continuous and consistent inner awareness throughout his growth stages of life.
  • His search and seeking are to know who is he, what is the purpose or goal of this birth and life, why people are living mechanically, how physical, psychological, and spiritual conditioning by family and society make people dead and somnambulists, what is the truth, what is enlightenment.
  • Hence, he started learning and practicing Yoga science of Thirumular, Pranayama, Mudra, Dhyana, Tantra, Vipassana, Kundalini gradually. Over the past 30 years studying the sutras of Patanjali, Dhammapada of Buddha, and Zen, he started realizing unsayable inner transformation and transcendence in his life. He heard the inner calling from Lord Shiva.

  • In the year 2004, April 14, he visited the temple for the 1st time Tiruvannamalai, holy Annamalai Hill, the spiritual heart of the world. And since then, Lord Shiva is mysteriously guiding all his life and his consciousness of witnessing continued.

While he has been following practically, the sutras of yoga, Zen, Tao, Sufi, Dhamma, Upanishad he has realized the state of “NO-MIND” for the first time. He could experience a few glimpses of “NO-MIND” or “Nothingness” the gap between two thoughts, which is “Satori” -The absolute silence. Gradually the difference between the two views became bigger and bigger, and the time interval between two thoughts also increased due to the continuous and regular witnessing of his body, mind, and heart. As he rediscovered his original inner center and realized the mind is Maya and the consciousness is Mystica, he remains at his center by practicing Non-thinking and Non-doing.

He realized that there is no ‘I,’ and it is merely a shadow; the ego and he is the whole, the existence, the microcosm, beginning less beginning, endless end. He knew that he is a short form that came to the earth to learn the art of conscious living. He dropped all outside disciplines, and now he is following his internal regulations. He understands his kundalini energy moving upwards through his increasing awareness. His perceptions are functioning through his Ajna chakra, and he follows the eightfold path of Dhamma. He is a master or guru when a real disciple requests to de-condition his mind or to kill his ego. His style of teaching is to stop renouncing and start understanding.

The key in all those 1000 methods is understanding Master’s truth lessons through listening & witnessing meditation of body, mind, heart, and hara. Prajna Dhyana is the ultimate understanding that can bring a sudden flowering of awareness in your being as the quantum leap if you are in communion with the Master by your heart and hara centers.

As his inner inquiry progresses deeply and intensely towards “Thuriya”- The Fourth – Samadhi -Nirvana, he reborn psychologically and spiritually as Dwiji (Twice born) by dropping his conditioned mind and he became the master of his mind, body, and other centers. Since then, he lives through his very self-center. Henceforth, he starts using his mind whenever necessary as a device.

Master's Inner Learning

He started to practice the art of Kundalini Awakening by Ashtanga Yoga, Vipassana, Inner Centering, Zazen, and different methods of Meditation.

He studies the works of Siddhas, Thirumular, Manickavasagar, Thayumanavar, Pattinathar, Ramalinga Swamigal, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda. He also absorbed the essence of lessons of following great awakened masters;  Osho, Lao-tzu, Chuang-tzu, Lieh-Tzu, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Baso, Lin-chi (Linji), Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Rinzai, Vasubandhu, Milarepa, Marcus Aurelius, Nanak, Mahavira, Kabir, Meera, Krishna, Mansur-Al-Hallaj, Hakim Sanai, Astavakra, Jalal-ad-Din Muhammed Rumi, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Zarathustra, Chaitanya and Adi Sankara.

He also studies some of the following mystics, philosophers and psychologists; Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Carl Jung, Hermann Hesse, Plato, Fritz Perls, George Gurdjieff, Peter D. Ouspensky, Wilhelm Reich, Alfred Adler, Confucius, Mencius, Roberto Assagioli, Abraham Harold Maslow, Frederick Herzberg, B.F.Skinner, Erik Erikson, William James, Carl Rogers, Charles Darwin, Charles Sanders Peirce, John Dewey, Immanuel Kant, Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw .

Master's Outer Learning

Master's Lifestyle

  • No belief system- No mind. Living through Only consciousness

  • Living every moment here and now

  • Accepting life as it is – flowing with the river as driftwood

  • Organic /natural foods which take care of five bodies

  • Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra, Zazen, and Vipassana.

  • In silent Dhyana 24/7 and speaks only the Truth.

  • Spiritual and Nature Traveling

  • Studying books which transform and increase consciousness

  • De-condition the minds of the disciples and helping them to realize who they are

  • Being ”Krishna the Shiva”

  • Lives in Coimbatore,India and Charlotte,USA.

Why is Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi a Master or Guru?

He is a master or guru when a real disciple requests to de-condition his mind or to kill his ego. His style of teaching is to stop renouncing and start understanding. He has developed a unique path of attaining Samadhi through Saranagati and Shaktipat.

Enlightened master Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi will be in communion with you through your heart center to de-condition your mind. When you surrender your mind and be vulnerable to receive the unsayable truth through your total being, Shaktipat happens on its own accord.

The overflowing electric energy field of the master will remove all your blocks in your energy field and help you to re-discover your authentic center. You will feel ecstatic and blissful, as you awake from your deep unconscious sleep for the very first time. Also, you will gain intelligence through Hara, not Head, which is the supreme wisdom to lead your life with a benediction.

One can easily attain Mukti by Prajna if he has enough courage at his hara center, which is the quantum leap in this metaphysics of existence. Prajna means the ultimate wisdom of the truth. He created thousands of Dhyana methods that can increase Prajna, and through that, one can reach Mukti or moksha. If anyone wants to live joyfully, blissfully, intelligently (through Hara, not head), one can surrender to him. He can transform or transcend the seeker from sleeping to awakening, from awakening to Dwiji (Psychological and spiritual rebirth), from Dwiji to enlightenment.

Who is the Master? What is the need to be with the master?

Hindu scriptures say the master is the womb to born again spiritually. The energy field of the master transmutes, transforms, and transfigures you. A new being is born. Through the master, one attains to the new birth, and one becomes Dwiji- Twice Born. Your first birth happens through the father and the mother that is the birth of your body. Your second birth attains through the master -that is the birth of your spirit. The presence of the master helps you to become a master for Your Self (Buddha).

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A master means one who is on the border of the human and the divine. One who has been a human like you, but is no longer like you-something happens to him. That something is nothing but consciousness (self-awareness). He is human but conscious. He is a man like you physically, but spiritually he is transformed as awakened. He is a plus, a man plus. If you look at his past, he was just like you. If you look at his present, he is conscious. When you see the master, your mind may say, ” He is a man like me, so why to surrender to him?”. Your mind can not know the present. The mind can only see the past. If you watch only the visible, he is the stone; you can not surrender. If you love, if you become intimate, if you allow his presence to go deep in you, if you can find a rapport with his being, suddenly, you become aware of his plus. In some unknown way, he has something that you do not have. In some invisible path, he has penetrated beyond the boundary of the human. You can feel this only if you connect with him through your heart.

“Shraddha” -Trust creates rapport. For the disciple, the master is always a god. He may not be a god for others; that is not the point. However, for the disciple, he is god, and through him, the doors of divine open. By surrendering to the master, you can only gain, nothing to lose. Seek a master and surrender to him. Listen, watch, eat, and drink him. Let him enters you and allow your heart to contain him. Soon you will be on a journey because the object of your attention ultimately becomes the goal of your life. Now, the master becomes a catalyst without doing anything. If you allow him, he drops into your heart, and his very presence crystallizes you. In his egolessness, your ego burns. You become one with him. From disciple, you move to devotee, and now you become one with the master. Now there is no devotee and the master.

Shakti pat – since your life energy channel is blocked, master wants to help you, to cleanse you. So he descends in you, and his energy of higher quality, purer, unbounded, fluid, river-like moves in your energy channel. Now your energy channel is open. If the power of the master completely possesses you, if his prana surrounds you, enters in your maximum work is done very quickly, which you cannot do in years. Your energy channels have blocks and are very rocky. You have gathered bags of dust in many of your past lives.

Moreover, your energy is minimal, a few drops, and can be lost again in your mind-oriented life. However, if a master can enter you like a river, waterfall, or ocean, all your blocks are washed away. Once the master has gone out of you, you will be a different individual thoroughly cleansed, younger, tender, juicy, more active, more energetic, healthy, more vital, and all your energy passages are open now.

Satsang – There are schools of Siddhas where disciples are not allowed to work on any methods. They are asked to sit near the master and to wait to receive, being vulnerable. The disciple surrenders him to his master and waits. The consciousness of the master enters into the being of the disciple, and the transformation happened to the disciple. A single doubt of the disciple will collapse the whole conversion. A little resistance will spoil the complete transcendence. So, the disciple should be completely open, vulnerable, and passive. Then the master will possess you. Just sitting near the master will make you enlighten.