Kundalini and Third Eye Awakening        One Day Class

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Who Am I ?

Nobody knows and takes it granted as if they deserve it. Existence gives life for eternity, and it is mysterious and beyond the mind. Life can be understood only when we can realize ourselves individually by the inner journey through meditation. For millennia, people have been copying others and live their life. They live very monotonously, mechanical, routine, and sleepy. Only a few individuals awakened on their own or through their masters. All others are conditioned, contaminated, poisoned, and hypnotized by their parents, family, society, politicians, priests, media, culture, educational institutions, so on and so forth. People live by the human-made mind and fix specific goals to achieve by comparing others and want to become someone. They give primary importance to the mind center rather heart and hara. They forget the heart and other centers. People believe in believing, and they don’t try to find the truth. They live in the past or the future, and they miss continuously life, which always comes as the present. Hence, they miss the excellent opportunity every moment. Life has no time. It is eternal. The past has died, and the future is not yet. It has only the present. Even when the future comes, it comes as the present. People live by following some ethics, morale, or scriptures. Indeed, life has no such lessons to follow from the outside. As life is a flux, it does not need any fixed ideas or deeds to live. No external sources will be helpful to live our inner being. Only our awareness can guide us to live our authentic life. If we know ourselves, we will come to know others. If we are at our centers, then we never commit any mistakes, and there is no guidance needed from the boundary. Appo Deepo Bhava-Be a light unto yourself.

Find out the understanding for the following questions of life and death….

  • Who am I?

  • What is life?

  • What is the purpose of life?

  • Is there right or wrong or virtue or sin?

  • Is there any goal in my life?

  • Is there any god?

  • What is meditation?

  • What is yoga?

  • What is ego, and how can I surrender?

  • What is satori and samadhi?

  • What is happiness, and what is bliss?

  • How can I experience bliss?

  • Why does misery happen to me? How can I avoid it and celebrate my life?

  • How should I come out of family and social conditioning?

  • Am I in the physical or psychological or spiritual prison? Alternatively, all?

  • Can I predict my death? If so, How?

  • Why need I not worry about death?

  • How is death going to happen?

  • What is the purpose of death?

  • Is there any life after death?

  • How can I learn the art of dying?

  • What is death, and how can I escape from it?

  • How many lives did I pass till now?

  • Am I here to close my spiritual account? So that I never reborn again.

  • How can I attain enlightenment or Moksha or Mukti or Nirvana or Samadhi?

  • How much time or years or lives will it take to attain enlightenment?

  • How can I live for 100 years plus as ZORBHA THE BUDDHA?

  • What is awareness or consciousness or awakening?

  • Which one do I need to follow – Yoga or Meditation or Zen or Sufi or Tao or Dhamma?

Master's Lessons

thoughts of yoga
poster about yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
thoughts of bodhisattva shankar yogi
thoughts of bodhisattva shankar yogi
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga
posters of yoga

Enlightened Masters who have been contributing to human consciousness....

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