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Why Choosing our Meditation Centre in Coimbatore

Bodhisattva Shankar Yogi’s whole effort is to make people understand Prajna Dhyana as a science, not a spiritual subject. Hence, meditation is not related to any religion. It is everyone’s birthright and intrinsic nature to regain one’s consciousness. Anyone can be in Prajna Dhyana even if he may be an atheist. Religion, theist, or atheist does not matter at all. It is undoubtedly everyone’s fundamental science to be explored individually. No one can meditate for others. For that we had started meditation center in Coimbatore.

One has to be meditative enough to re-discover his consciousness, and for that, the magnificent courage is needed. You will have the tremendous potentiality of achieving the highest peaks of wisdom through Dhyana. Inner- Intelligence is nothing but your quality of awareness, and if you are totally conscious, then you are as brilliant as the existence. The mind has its limitations but not consciousness. It is vast. Only when you become meditative, you can use your brain very wisely as the best servant. The surprising fact is that people believe that they use their minds. But their minds only using them. So meditate from the best meditation center in Coimbatore.The need of practicing meditation comes from the mental problems that we are suffering. Our unique meditation centre in Coimbatore will offer a perfect space for a peaceful meditation. Take an appointment for your meditation class today and get the right meditation for children’s behaviour in Coimbatore, meditation for brain cancer in Coimbatore, meditation for sleep in Coimbatore, meditation for depression in Coimbatore and much more


Create Your Intelligence by Prajna Dhyana

Create Your Intelligence by Prajna Dhyana

So-called knowledge is not really intelligent. Knowledge is adding up more information as the memory from the outside; it is merely intellectual, and it is a corpse. Even if you decorate the dead body, it is a dead body. Intelligence is a totally different phenomenon. Asking who am I? is the ultimate work of spiritual-intelligence. Dhyana makes you realize your inner consciousness and helps it to grow more and more till your last breath and even beyond. One who never dies when he lives through his awareness. Intelligence means replacing the mind with consciousness. You can taste life only by intelligence, not by mind.

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What is meditation?

Before we try to know about meditation classes, it is better to understand what is not meditation. It is neither concentration nor contemplation. Always meditation center in Coimbatore needs an outer object upon which one has to focus. The word meditation has a specific reference to a particular thing. For example, one can meditate upon the light or tree or some mantra. The English word meditation needs outer material. It is not complete unto itself. Hence, it requires a deeper understanding of the word ‘Dhyana.’ Dhyana means ‘in meditation.’ It is not even someone ‘is meditating.’ To be more precise, Dhyana says, ‘I am meditation.’ Concentration is one point. Contemplation is a wide range. Meditation courses Coimbatore is precisely in the middle between these two. Hence, it is wiser to use the word Dhyana than meditation. We are happy to set up our excellent meditation course in Coimbatore which is near to Coimbatore International Airport.

Muladhara To Ajna

Life cannot be lived with gathered knowledge or money or power. Life can only be experienced through inner awareness about the truth which you attain through Dhyana. As the whole society forces you towards the mind and intellectuality, you don’t know the other significant centers in you, which are more powerful than your mind. Dhyana will make you more vibrant and wild to encounter any situation in life with utter peace, and joy. Once your third eye opened (Ajna Chakra), your perception changes in every direction and every dimension. Know the meaning of your life by our best meditation centre in Coimbatore

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Heart To Hara

Love and consciousness are two sides of the same coin. Love is freedom, not an ego gratification. Love is valid only when it liberates. It is not the typical image of modern-day romantic love, which is clinging with someone to ‘fill’ ourselves up and feel satisfied. Men started living after they began to loving. Life without love is dead, pathological. The word ‘LIFE’ serves its meaning when the word ‘LOVE’ attached as a prefix to it. People forget the love in their busy schedule, they remain on the earth, and they are not living on the planet. Except loving, they perform all their duties of daily routines. They became mechanical and forgot their nature. Authentic love is eternal, boundaryless, universal, and timeless. It is a state of consciousness that doesn’t discriminate between anything. We are perfect in conducting the best meditation centre in Coimbatore.

Love is not a mental phenomenon. It belongs to the heart center (Anahata Chakra), which is the bridge between our chakras of physical life and spiritual enlightenment (Muladhara, Swathisthana, Manipooraka, Anahata, Vishudhi, Ajna, and Sahasrar). The truth hides in your most bottomless abyss of being as ‘LOVE.’ You have to explore it through your heart as ‘LOVE.’ The truth is not ‘LOGIC’ to be understood by your mind, but it is “LOVE” to be realized by your heart. No yoga posture is needed. Just be love Dhyana. Be the verb; Come down from your head to heart. Then the heart will move you to the Hara. Hara is the center of life energy through which you connect with infinite consciousness. Without the heart, no one can move from the head to the hara. That’s enough to be healthy physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Lets study love and knowledge from the best meditation centre in Coimbatore.

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Who Can Attend?

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  • Yoga Teacher

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Psychologist

  • Psychotherapist

  • Psychoanalyst

  • Doctor

  • Any Professional

  • Anybody Interested in Sprituality & Inner Journey

  • Social Workers

  • School Teacher

  • Professor

  • HR Trainers

  • Meditation Teachers

  • Home Maker

  • HR Professionals and

A few of 1000 Prajna Dhyanas for Saranagati, Shaktipat & Samadhi

  • Tao

  • Zazen

  • Turiya

  • Falling leaf

  • H3 Dhyana

  • Kundalini

  • Ajna

  • Heart -Healing

  • Light -Darkness

  • Inner centering

  • Witnessing self

  • Mind- Dropping

  • Mind Out -Center in Meditation

  • Tatvamasi

  • Say ‘YES’ to mind

  • Heart & Hara Dhyana

  • Shattering the ego

  • Third eye meditation

  • Listening to mystery

  • Yoga

  • Upanishad

  • Black door or Weapon

  • Witnessing Body-mind

  • Witnessing Four bodies

  • Speaking Heart language

  • Listening & Talking Meditation

  • Dhamma

  • The Truth of Life