We Welcome Any Spiritual Association From Any Country

We Welcome Any Spiritual Association From Any Country

The fundamental thing about Tantra is its radicle and revolutionary approach towards life. The world is comprised of higher and lower, and they are not divided but holding hands together. They include both, and the lower should not be condemned. Instead, it has to be transformed. The lower has to be given a chance to move higher plans. If the devil is the smaller, the divine is the higher. Both devil and divine came from the same root ‘DEVA’ means divine (Godliness). If the divine is the tree fully grown, then the devil is the seed. The seed contains the tree in it. Without the seed, there is no tree. Poison and elixir are of the same energy as love and hate, sex, and super consciousness. Tantra believes in appreciation and acceptance. It never condemns anything lower. The lotus is hidden in the mud. The mud should not be neglected. The clay is not the lotus now. However, the truth seeker can convert sludge into lotus, or he can free lotus from the mud.


Muladhara is the mud, and Sahasrar is the thousand petal lotus, and one can worship and accept the lower and reach the higher through, the lower.

As Tantra respects both lower and higher, there is no duality anymore. In this fast -minded world, Tantra can be the highest significance since it deletes duality and accepts oneness. It is the new door to human consciousness through love. Rather than meditation, people can easily understand the existential love. Tantra is not about an ordinary love affair between two people through their body-mind, but it goes beyond. So-called religions and religious leaders have been condemning body, mind, love, sex, and all possibilities directly or indirectly (Subtlest ways) through which one can grow higher from the lower. The result is crippled humanity, and they make people feel guilty and misery. Now, in this 21st century, Tantra is the right way of understanding oneself and life to live healthily in physical, psychological, and spiritual levels.

Tantra says the wilderness, uncivilized and uncultured has more vitality and more energy than cultivated. Primitive People are alive than country ones. It is the right and last time to start living natural and stop living artificially. The civilized man has developed more belief systems, morals, ethics, conditioning, materialism, and more mind things which stand barrier as the high wall against his natural flow of life energy, and he does not know what to do with the available power. He wastes in destructive ways because of his ignorance. He stops living the natural way of life because he forgets. Tantra is natural, unconditioned, rejoicing, and utter freedom, and one can live his life; one can dance by holding the hands of the whole universe. It is total and not partial. Only in totality, one is free. It believes in the transformation of the total being, not the actions, habits, or characters. Only then are you entirely transformed. If your whole nature is transmuted, then all your outer actions will follow your inner. When your being is changed, for the first time, you start seeing the heaven on the earth. Change of your nature is totality, and it is the only healthy. Otherwise, you are split and schizophrenic. All stress, anxiety, depression, and anguish persist, and you live in hell.

Tantra says the people who repress or suppress sex cannot understand what life is. Hence, they cannot live life. If one is ready to see the naked woman sitting in front of him with total watchfulness, the desire for viewing, the nude woman will disappear. Now, he understands the form, the body. His mind stops seeing the woman’s body. Otherwise, he goes on, seeing her body continuously in his mind. It is a significant method of watching, witnessing. To get rid of the body-form, meditate on the same. Be loving with your beloved and meditate on his/her body (part), accept, respect, rejoice totally through your being not through your mind because the mind will bring superstitions, belief systems, and guilt feelings. Then you are transformed, and after that, you are not interested in undressing and seeing the naked form of any woman in mind and even in the dream.

The Buddhist approach of Tantra

The Buddhist approach of Tantra is leaving the mind aside. Thinking has to be transformed to attain a state of no-mind. Shiva and Sakti remain devotees and deity, and they merge and melt to become one. At the ultimate orgasm, they both evaporate into each other. In Saraha’s Tantra, no, I and thou exist. Only two zeros are melting, and they both disappear at the ultimate peak.

Lord Shiva’s Path

Shiva’s Tantra is leaving the heart behind. The feeling has to be modified to achieve a state of oneness. Shiva’s path teaches to love the whole existence, not the body or the form. The entire universe becomes your beloved. All negative feelings like possessiveness, jealousy, and hatred will be dropped. Then only pure love remains.

The Essence of Both Paths

The essence of both paths is the disappearance of one’s self either by transcending the mind (Saraha’s Tantra) or by exceeding the heart (Shiva’s Tantra). You have to choose according to your wishes. If you can be alone to attain enlightenment, then Saraha, if you need someone to relate, to love then Shiva.

Tantra is neither intellectual nor philosophical. It is a technique. Tantra means a method or procedure to be lived not to be discussed or debated. It is about ‘HOW’ not about ‘WHY.’ It is not theoretical; it is practical and experimental. Anyone can understand philosophy by language, but not Tantra, because it demands your total involvement. If you can live on Tantra, then you can understand it. It needs your total being, not the mind. It asks your complete transformation to understand it. Philosophy will never change any person. No inner transformation has ever been possible by philosophy or intellect. Only in your total being, you can taste Tantra. Fragments won’t help. It requires a more profound challenge.

In Tantra, only doing is knowing. Unless you change entirely, there is no answer. The change is the answer. No doctrine can give you the answer.