Prajna Dhyana 3 Days Class


Why to attend Prajna Dhyana Class?

Prajna Dhyana shifts your life energy from the left hemisphere to the right region. All physical and mental calamities that are happening in the world through social conditioning, wrong education systems, drugs, unawareness about the inner science and the real-life can be avoided by only one thing: Prajna Dhyana. There is no other creative and natural way. If Prajna Dhyana becomes the lifestyle of the people, if it functions as the very fundamental nature of the people, all miseries, destructions, and calamities will disappear.
Prajna Dhyana helps to balance our left and right hemispheres through consciousness. So all materials, outer objects, science, logic, mathematics will be run by the left hemisphere. And all relationships, people, love, Poetry, Music, and arts will be taken care of by the right region. Then the grand synthesis happens between Left and Right Hemisphere through NO-MIND.
Only when you become meditative, you can use your brain very wisely as the best servant. The surprising fact is that people believe that they use their minds. But their minds only using them. As a meditator, you will be wiser than anybody else, and you can use your brain both objectively and subjectively.
Prajna Dhyana facilitates you to balance your right and left hemisphere of the brain, and you will live joyfully. It helps you to learn the art of living through awareness and to remain at your innermost center. Once you learned the meditative life and attained Mukti, you will not come back again. It is the very purpose of life to discover the heart of living through Prajna Dhyana.

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What are the major outcomes of attending Prajna Dhyana Class?

You will have the tremendous potentiality of achieving the highest peaks of wisdom through Prajna Dhyana. Inner- Intelligence is nothing but your quality of awareness, and if you are totally conscious, then you are as brilliant as the existence. The mind has its limitations but not consciousness. It is vast.

DhyanaMukti will help you to learn the art, science, and secrets of Yoga, Tantra, Zen, Sufi, Damma, Tao, and other methods to become ‘’THAT” ( Your authentic Self) again. The Master of DhyanaMukti will facilitate you to transcend your mind, not to control or suppress. The master will teach you to be a witness through loving. You see satori ( the gaps between thoughts) . When you continue, you will see Samadhi. You are the light unto yourself. (APPO DEEPO BHAVA)

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Physical Benefits of Prajna Dhyana

  • Prajna Dhyana grows the volume and thickness of the brain.

  • It increases blood flow to the brain and improves the functions

  • Meditation reduces cortisol, the stress-inducing hormone which suppresses the immune system of the body

  • It lowers blood pressure and reduces the chance for the heart attack or any other cardiac diseases

  • It improves neuroplasticity and the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for mood balancing.

  • Prajna Dyana enhances the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and also the immune system.

  • It slows down the aging process and increases the longevity

  • It keeps healthy all parts of the body

Psychological Benefits of Prajna Dhyana

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  • Prajna Dhyana reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and increases resilience

  • Helps you to be in the present moment ( not either in the past or the future)

  • Develops heart and hara centers, thereby increases heart and hara intelligence

  • Prajna Dhyana makes you understand who you are, what your life is, and many more inner mysteries.

  • It helps you to balance your Head, Heart, and Hara centers so that excessive burden on the brain will be reduced.

  • It increases understanding, observation, memory, self -awareness, learning, and perception capacities.

  • Increases positive emotions, emotional stability, and feelings through heart center

  • Prajna Dhyana enhances inner connectivity with yourself and others at a conscious level

  • It improves decision making outstandingly.

  • Prajna Dhyana increases compassion, friendliness, trust, love, kindness, and respectfulness.

Three Days Class( Non-Residential )

Member TypeFeesOther Nationalities
Non – MemberINR 50,000$1000
MemberINR 45,000$ 900
INR 40,000$ 800
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200 Hours Meditation Teacher’s Training Course ( Non-Residential )

CountryCourse Fees
IndiaINR 1,25,000
Other Countries$ 2000

200 Hours Meditation Teacher’s Training Course ( Non-Residential )

CountryCourse Fees
IndiaINR 1,25,000
Other Countries$ 2000

Who Can Attend?

  • Yoga Teacher

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Psychologist

  • Psychotherapist

  • Psychoanalyst

  • Doctor

  • Any Professional

  • Anybody Interested in Sprituality & Inner Journey

  • Social Workers

  • School Teacher

  • Professor

  • HR Professionals and Counseller

  • HR Trainers

  • Meditation Teachers

  • Home Maker

A few of 1000 Prajna Dhyanas for Saranagati, Shaktipat & Samadhi

  • Tao

  • Zazen

  • Turiya

  • Falling leaf

  • H3 Dhyana

  • Kundalini

  • Ajna

  • Heart -Healing

  • Light -Darkness

  • Inner centering

  • Witnessing self

  • Mind- Dropping

  • Mind Out -Center in Meditation

  • Tatvamasi

  • Say ‘YES’ to mind

  • Heart & Hara Dhyana

  • Shattering the ego

  • Third eye meditation

  • Listening to mystery

  • Yoga

  • Upanishad

  • Black door or Weapon

  • Witnessing Body-mind

  • Witnessing Four bodies

  • Speaking Heart language

  • Listening & Talking Meditation

  • Dhamma

  • The Truth of Life


Sangha Member

  • Membership fees India INR 10,000, Other Nationalities $250.

  • You will get a 10% Discount on all Classes and Consulting.

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Sangha VIP Member

  • Membership fees India INR 25,000, Other Nationalities $500.

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  • Front row seats for all events.

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