What is Cosmic Intelligence?

DhyanaMukti teaches consciousness rather than conscience. It explains to awaken yourself rather than enriching your sleeping mind. It helps you to know the truth through Prajna Dhyana (knowing the ultimate understanding through no-mind). It is the quantum leap, jump from the mind to No-mind. For at least ten thousand years, many meditators in India have been attempting to show the inner potentiality of being conscious. Unfortunately, people have been so far so weak that the very idea of awareness seems to be very far away- a fiction, esoteric, luxurious, and aristocratic or something far beyond imagination. Now people can think of higher things as gradually the outer- material richness started welling up, and this affluence makes the society to a stage where poverty is no longer the case. When the community is evolved materially, it is obvious there is inner poverty. All developed nations experience the outer richness and inner poverty. The affluent people started asking themselves, why can I not experience the wealth in the inside too? They started self-inquiry, who am I? What is life?

what is cosmic intelligence?

Why it is Needed?

This inner inquiry drives people crazy, mad, and it is difficult to live with joy because a great seeking or longing will arise in every person. This constant blazing self-questioning the quest, the thrust, the hunger, and the craving will certainly burn people. One who is fed up with money, prestige, power, fame, all kinds of the material richness will definitely inquire himself what is the purpose of all these things when I am empty? Then he will start exploring in all possible directions, from meditation to drugs, because no one knows where the inner door is going to open. Inevitably, people will go mad as trying to find some way; most of them will discover the wrong ways and will follow false masters or gurus. That’s natural and logical. Till people live in a usual way as somnambulists, nothing can drive them lonely, but when a beautiful inner seeking arises, it is maddening. Only a very few will be able to reach their center and yet remain intelligent. So the forthcoming days are going to be very adventurous and thrilling. More and more people will change their inner life by starting their journey by taking a ‘U’ turn.

From now, a considerable number of people will come to realize that something remains unfulfilled and has to be lived. This kind of truth-seekers will search for all sorts of methods, techniques, possibilities, and spiritual gurus. Pseudo gurus take advantage of this, and sooner or later, people get fed up with them, and they start seeking for the original.

need of cosmic intelligence

Now Enlightenment can be Quantum Leap

Up to now, enlightenment was always thought of as a slow process as an evolution. Till now, people believe that awakening from their psychological sleep is arduous, and it is almost impossible even to think about it. As modern physics accepted the quantum leap, it is possible in Metaphysics too. In physics, electrons disappear from one point and appear at another end with no time gap, and the distance is also covered. Likewise, in Metaphysics also, human consciousness can travel the farthest distance, can reach a peak with no time, and it can be even quicker because awareness is the highest form of existence. In India, Buddha, Mahavira, Siddhars, Monks, and Saints had to follow the path of evolution, and that was the only possibility before 2500 years where physics was not there.

But now, after twenty-five centuries, the inner awakening, enlightenment is possible through quantum leap for those who have the guts and the courage. Consciousness is the cosmic science, and time has no relevance because it is non-temporal. It is beyond time and space. Anyone can awake from his sleep instantly. Just an understanding of truth is enough now. That is our core idea of becoming aware, awake, and conscious and just knowing the facts. As we all use an alarm clock to wake up physically, we can make use of understanding, which has to be through heart communion for spiritual awakening. Then the language of truth, which is silence, can be transmitted from the master to the disciple. The mind has no function or role in this grand exploration of knowing self, and in fact, it is an absolute barrier. Meditation is the right method to awake. It is only a question of identifying the proper meditation method for every individual. Because one way of Dhyana will not work for all, as people are so unique and existence does not produce photocopies, everyone needs a specific unique method of meditation.

benefits of cosmic intelligence


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